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Frog - Mary Calmes I am addicted to this writer's works - addicted despite getting annoyed every time I buy her book and encounter the same old, lovable by all narrator. But the fact that I *am* addicted should speak for something, I guess? I was actually hopeful after reading her last book "Mine" that she finally started to develop the characters with real flaws, but alas in this one we are back to the narrator who is handsome and loveable and I mean *very* loveable. Everybody fell in love with him after the minutes in his company. The woman who never *met* him before (heard stories to be fair) is ready and willing to put him in charge of her kids after she had been talking him for what? Minutes? Had an hour even passed? Kids are smitten with him, dogs too, of course his lover, but his lover kind of should be, so thats not a good example. And no, I did not feel that he has real character flaws, because not wanting to be a kept man because one has pride counts to me as another wonderful quality - it was very amusing how the narrative tried to convince me that it was his flaw. Oh well, I will be getting her next book of course.