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Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding - Marie Sexton Cole was always my favorite character in Coda series. I heard that no more books are planned, so I was so very pleasantly surprised to see this follow up to "Strawberries for dessert". I think this is my favorite Marie Sexton's book in quite some time, but I am biased - I adore Cole. There is nothing complicated happening in this story - blurb pretty much spells it out - it is about guys' journey to become parents and Cole's reconciliation with his mom. But it is so beautifully and genuinely written that I could not take my eyes off the pages. It is so easy to get overly sentimental when you write about parenthood, but I thought Cole's feeling and desires and Jon's unwavering support and their fears, I thought it was all so very real. And of course it was sweet.

Adored this book.