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The Phoenix Guards - Steven Brust As far as I am concerned this is the best Steven Brust's book I have read so far, ever. I like his Vlad Taltos' books well enough, but since I never quite warmed up to Vlad himself, I could not enjoy the books as much as I would have liked to. This one however? OMG, I so love. Of course Three Musketeers is the book I have read and reread no less than 30 times over the course of fifteen twenty years. I first read it when I was very young, hehe.

And this one is the best remake of Three musketeers. I do not mind wordy style at all, I find that it emulates Duma's style quite nicely and find the dialogues between the characters that say essentually nothing for quite some time till they get to the point to be extremely amusing.

Action moves non stop, characters are all likeable, and while the events do not exactly repeat what happened in Three musketeers, at the same time they are similar to the extent it is possible to be in another world, in another universe. I love it.