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A Note in the Margin - Isabelle Rowan I think that this book is truly a gem of male/male romance genre. It has great vividly drawn characters and it has a real story, story which is apparently done with more reason than just to get protagonists in bed and write long sex scenes over and over and over and over again. Not that there is anything wrong with sex scenes of course and this book also has several, but these scenes to me help show the building love and romance and not just done for the sake of it. Sorry, I know I am babbling, I am just truly in awe of this writer's talent.


I also want to comment on how I don't know, I guess sensitively David's struggle to get back on his feet is handled.

I loved loved that author does not write the magic cure from the homelessness, that she shows how really really hard it is to get back to who you once were, after you are on the streets and that person needs all the love and support he can get and that sometimes it may not even work with love and support.

Thank you so much dear writer for this book, I wish there were more books like yours :)