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Cold Front - Ann Somerville I loved all the books by Ann Sommerville that I have read so far, but the story of Dec and Ren just may be the one that captured my heart the most. I do not think that I can do this book and its sequel Unsettled conditions justice in my review, but I am going to say how good it was anyway.

It is a futuristis science fiction/ mystery and it is a very powerful gay love story. I usually judge how well the characters were portrayed based on whether I had been thinking about them after I am done with the book, I could not forget about these two for couple of weeks afterwards and I still remember them as vividly as if I have read these books just yesterday (I read them couple months ago).

I am also always amazed at how much of social commentary this writer always manages to put in her books and these are no exception, because futuristic society it may be where our characters live, but one can notice so many parallels with our time.