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Staying Power (Darshian Tales, #3) - Ann Somerville This is a third book in the Darshian tales and it mainly focuses on Karik's adventures as part of the expedition to Adon. It is just as delightfully written as first two books in these series, and it explores complex social issues and has lovely romance in it.

Having said all this, I have to admit that this is my least favorite book in these series and it just may be my least favorite book of all books ever written by this writer. I have not read all she wrote yet, but I am getting close. What can I say, I am a fan of her writing :)

So why is this book my least favorite? It is one of the most subjective complaints of course, but I extremely dislike when the *big misunderstanding* is used to create the conflict between the protagonists. I just do not like it, what can I say?

I think it makes characters look absolutely stupid and I thought Romi was acting as an absolute idiot for at least half of the book for no good reason at all, except deciding to take Soza's words on faith. And I am staring at the page and thinking and why the heck, you who are supposedly in charge of this expedition and an officer who supposedly knows and understands how important for their survival for all of them to get along reasonably well will not go and ASK Karik himself whether he did all those supposed sins that Soza accused him of?

I just think that it is not realistic that he would not do so. And even when he realises that Soza may be telling lies he does not do it because??? He does not do it untill truth is staring him in the face. Oy.

I enjoyed Arman and Kei turned from enemies to lovers so much more, because initial conflict between them was who they both were as people and they had to grow and change, to understand each other.

Here, sure, yes both guys are also stubborn, but had they known the truth, there would be for the most part no reason for them to be constantly pissed at each other.

Anyway, if this trope does not bother you, I highly recommend the book, when Romi stopped being an idiot I loved him, but I just did not see there was a reason for him to be in the first place.