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Selected Short Stories - Ann Somerville I will be mostly talking about the story Time out of this anthology, since this is the longest of the stories in this lovely collection and probably my favorite. I find this story one of the sweetest BDSM themed stories I have ever read and I do not mean that BDSM in this one is all that light. I just think that Ann gets in Sean's head so well that I am never in doubt that he wants it and why he wants it. I wish some other writers who write BDSM would understand that when you do not show psychological need both dom and sub have for each other, it may so easily look like abuse. Anyway, I really liked this story, liked how in few sentences Sean is fleshed out as more than what his sexual needs are, he is established as a human being who would go extra mile to ease the sufferings of the patients in the hospital. Of course Tom sounds a little too perfect, but I understood that this is because the person who loves him so much narrates and of course loving eyes tend to not notice the character flaws. And I really liked that the prequel to the story gets us in Tom's head.
Unfortunately and I cannot believe I am saying it, since I am a huge fan of happy endings, I did not like the ending all that much. I mean, why a need to give Sean that extra cookie which indeed to me made it look as if he is a helpless mistress needed to be taken care of? It is as if the strong and independent man reduced to less than he was throughout the story. And the reason I am going on and on about FREE story is because I liked and cared about the characters that much :) Of course I appreciate this gift from the writer, do not want to sound ungrateful, but I need to be honest as to how I feel about this story.

There are two stories which were inspired by pictures, which left me in rather melancholic mood.

Another rather sad but also uplifting story about moving on and new beginning and one Christmas story also are in this anthology.

However two stories about Tom and Sean were my absolute favourites.