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Different Senses - Ann Somerville Different senses is a sci/fi book in a sense that it happens in a fictious world, on a fictious planet and some people again have mental gifts, in this world it is specifically empathy, but this is all what is fantastical about this world. This book contains (as many of her books) rather extensive, but to me not heavy handed social commentary on the issues of race relations which could be applied to many of our societies.

Main character of the book is a cop Javen, who discovered that after shooting he was in, his empathy gene was triggered, so he has to leave his work, since empaths cannot be cops. Supposedly it is for civil liberties reasons, or so they say. You can only have empathy gene, if you had been related to indigenous people of this planet, and the relationship between two races always had been complicated to put it mildly. One of the major themes of the books is Javen learning about the injustices his people committed, trying to help, making mistakes along the way and all of it of course while trying to work his cases as private investigator.

He is just so very likeable, with a good heart, but of course not perfect, making plenty of mistakes, I was pretty much in love with this character by the time book ended.

Yes there is a love story here, but it definitely takes a back seat, especially in the earlier stories, although the story of him and Shardul becoming friends is rather important at the same time, not sure how much sense it makes, but cannot say more without spoilers.

And the writing, omg I loved the writing, it is just so simple enough, but at the same time goes right to the point, not too dry, not too flowery, as far as I am concerned just the way I love it :)

And actually this book made me uncomfortable too, but in a very good way, it reminded me again to not forget how good I have it in some areas of life, when I want to whine and feel sorry for myself in another areas of life :)