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Hidden Faults - Ann Somerville I bought this book yesterday and devoured it today. I really loved it, but this is one of the most grim and upsetting stories that this author wrote so far. Having grown up in quite restrictive society, stories set up in similar society tend to upset me quite a lot, even though the story has an unequivocally happy ending both on large scale and on relationship scale. This novel again has people with paranormal abilities and how the "normal" society interacts with them and in this one paranormals are treated the most unjustly out of all novels by Ann Sommerville that I have read. I loved how main character grew and learned after being dealt so many blows, but this is the theme I always love in this writer's works, how human spirit can triumph no matter what. Her stories also often ask uncomfortable questions and in some ways this one topped the bar for me. How far those who are being victimized by society are willing to go and should be willing to go to take back what should be rightfully theirs and whether you have a right to judge somebody else who is willing to do the dirty work you were not willing to do in order for you to have happier future? And I really enjoyed the love story and not the least because it makes me believe in the trope I usually cannot stand.