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Slave Auction - Stormy Glenn Well, I suppose in a sense this book stood out the sense of time very well - I have read it several months ago and I remember it as well as I have read it yesterday. This book was the final reason for me to stay away as far away from this author's works as I possibly can. I usually read the second book by the author whose first book I did not like - I want to be absolutely sure that the writing is not to my taste. I got all the confirmation I needed in this book and more. Yes, it is short and unfinished as some other reviewers said, but my main complaint is that human character is the "chick with brick" and their love story did not feel like a *love story* at all, more like - Olala, I took you, you are my mate, you will be with me now. And yeah, seven foot tall alien werewolf and tiny long haired human is not a pretty picture in my mind, at all. Barely two stars.