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Riding With Heaven - L.C. Chase I too liked this author's previous release Long Tall drink and eagerly bought this book. I have to say that in this book this author confirmed to me that she can do sexual chemistry as very few writers can do IMO - Evan and Lucas sizzle on page almost from the very moment they appear on pages together. And it is my favorite type of chemistry - one that starts *way* before the guys ever have sex together. Unfortunately or fortunately sexual chemistry is not the only one thing that I am looking for in mm/gay romance. This story definitely delivered on suspense part as well - at times tension was so palpable that I could not wait to turn the pages on my kindle. I have to say though that at times this story reminded me why I do not watch horror/suspense movies. Not just because they are too scary for me, but because the reactions of the characters sometimes do not pass simple logic muster, it feels like the characters say certain things, react in certain way only to make suspense grow more suspenseful and for no other reason at all. This story as not scary or anything, but it started to feel like it was moving in this direction at some point, because boy, did I want to slap Lucas sometimes in the middle of the story. Thank goodness I felt better after Evan called him on that, so I did not have to stay annoyed :). I still wonder though what the heck was the reason for him to make those idiotic comments which edged Evan on and yeah, those comments would have edged me on too - big time and I do not know why he could not tell Ethan right away who he was. If you wont feel that annoyance though, otherwise the story is very likeable, very fun and exciting, I can easily see it being a five star read for many readers. For me it is somewhat around 3.75.