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The Code - David Juhren This story is about one of the most fascinating events of World War Two (fictionalized of course but having at least some basis in reality as far as I understand). I however really did not care for how the relationship between Roger and Clive started. I definitely liked that that sexual scenes were not explicit, that's not my point of contention. I thought that the beginning of the relationship was too much tell and way not enough show. The whole story is Roger's remembering events in the war and him remembering the beginnings feels emotionally remote if that makes sense? It is as if the film is being shown through the additional filter of somebody else's mind? I understand that it is a literary choice the author made, but as a reader I disliked that choice. I think the second part of the story shows perfectly how wonderful it could have been, because when the action/adventure picks up steam, it is as if it is taking place in real time, even though it is also memory (or memory of somebody else telling him some events when he was not there). I also liked Roger and Clive together when they were already in love, they were sweet and gentle with each other, I liked that. The beginning though just felt completely flat for me. I also thought that Roger's constantly remembering his other relationships detracted from the story unnecessarily and I did not see how it advanced the story at all.
I also really liked the writing style.