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Turning Tricks - Anne Tenino I enjoyed the first book in these series and another book by this writer so very much that I was very reluctant to start this one, due to friend's negative comment. I caved in eventually because I wanted to form my own opinion, but got the book as a kindle loan from another friend.

I did not like it, unfortunately. The book seemed unfocused and boring. The first 35-40% of the story is spent discussing things, which sadly did not engage me in the slighest. James and Matt seemed to lost almost all the chemistry that they had in book one, few tender moments just could not compensate me for the rest of it. Their misunderstandings till the serious things are discovered felt silly to me.

Humor just dissappeared from this book and when I say dissappear, I mean *completely* dissappear. I did not smile once during the whole story. Of course I did not need this book to turn into completely lighhearted fun - there are some serious and even life threatening events happen in it. At the same time serious things happen in the book one as well and humor was there, not sure what was so different about this one.

But even the action in this book was not exciting to me. Master Djinn'ss interludes were just really annoying and I could not wait for them to be over. The the resolution was happy but keeping the doors firmly open for another books in the series.

It was competently written, but I just did not enjoy the story at all and cannot recommend it.