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First and foremost in case the cover and the blurb are not clear enough (and I am not being sarcastic, I think they are, but your leverage may differ), this is a threesome, menage, m/m/m. If it is not your cup of tea, you really should stay away. I do not mind them if well written, but I usually do no go seek them out either. In this story I believed that at the end all three guys are in love with each other - established couple and the narrator. The blurb says it, so I am not giving out any spoilers - the narrator is crushing on his two neighbours, who are established couple and the story is about them becoming friends and eventually lovers.

Please also note that same as all other books by this writer, the wording is not americanized and British spelling,wording, etc, is all there. I usually have no patience when people start to complain about British spelling or American spelling for that matter. The way I see it, it is all English language, and everybody is perfectly capable of looking up the word thy do not understand, but I know that not everybody likes it, so again, if you do not like it, stay away from this book. This book was actually the first book by British writer in this genre, where I had to look up couple of words.

When I pick up the book by Josephine Myles, I usually expect the guys to have interesting professions and she delivered with gusto for the narrator in this book. Josh is a glassblower. I so enjoyed reading about him while he was at work and really she left me wanting more. I mean, I get that this is not the treatise about the glassblower, this is a romance where one of the guys happen to have this profession, but she just made it sound so very interesting :).

I also come to expect a lot of gentle humor and again the book delivered on that as well. It has gems like these for example:

"Spent all day stuck in a pokey cupboard with a piece-of-shite boiler too. I had about this much room to move in." Evan braced his powerful arms against the doorframe on either side of him, and his biceps bulged.
Evan was a plumber, in case you're wondering. He didn't have a kink for hide-and-seek.Or if he did, I didn't know about it".

I thought all three guys were well done, but of course I felt that I got to know Josh, the narrator the best, since we are in his head, but we are also looking at Ethan and Rai through his eyes. I really really liked how they may have been physically attracted to each other, but started with being friends and actually made an effort to become friends and then moved to explore physical aspect of the building relationship. I feel like guys' actions and inactions were very well explained and the reason was given for the actions. I mean, of course in real life human beings do not always act rationally, but I think that in fiction even the character's irrational actions should be explained and I think in this story the writer succeeded in doing that. For example, Ethan and Rai talk a lot about their relationship and the rules when/if they invite somebody else in it, Josh though is really not good with talking about that stuff :). I thought it was lovely done, when Josh realises that they talk because of something very specific that happened to them and I thought it was justified very well.

The sex was sweet, hot, not gratuitous at all and definitely moved the relationship forward with every scene that happened, but here we come to the reason why this book was not a five star wonder for me, even though I enjoyed so much in it.

For me there was just too much of it, despite it being so lovely, it really was. It is an erotic romance, but with humongous emphasis on *erotic* part of it IMO and I am the kind of reader who just longs to know the guys not only as "people in the relationship" (which was perfectly done here), but also "people outside of the relationship" and unfortunately I felt that I knew some about Ethan and Rai as well rounded people who do something else besides having sex and chatting with the new potential lover, but not nearly as much as I wanted to.

And I absolutely loved two female supporting characters in this story. I thought both Denise and especially Stella were awesome.