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Tigerland - Sean Kennedy Tigers and Devils by Mr. Kennedy was one of the first five mm/gay romance books I have ever read and still remains one of my favourite books in this genre. I am REALLY wary of the sequels to my favourite books, especially when I did not feel that the book needed a sequel, too scared of fake conflicts popping up to break up the couple for the sake of spending the rest of the book getting them back together.

I thought the writer successfully avoided those pitfalls and wrote a real sequel. The catalyst for the tension in this book is Greg Hayward as blurb tells you. I thought him popping up in Simon and Declan's lives was believable enough, but what I really loved was how both guys dealt with another major annoyance in their lives and as a result more media attention. You can see that they grew up, you can see that they communicate better overall, I really really liked that. No, they are not perfect, yes they can still get upset, but they do not run out on each other, they more often than not deal with their troubles together.

I also loved seeing what Roger and Fran were up too - this writer did not do caricature women characters in the past and I was really happy to see how real and realistic, not just believable everybody's problem seemed.