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Eight Days - Cardeno C. Maccabe ruined this story for me.

I do not even know where to start. I bought few stories from Dreamspinner's Advent Calendar this year and this one was one of them. I am not impressed. To me flawed character as Maccabe needed to have some kind of the character development. Hopefully his character arc would have showed his development for the better, but either way would have been fine by me, really.

Instead we have him behaving as ego centric spoiled jerk over and over again and then he has, what? A revelation?

Only this revelation does not make him any kind of better person. He starts to act as even more like egoistic, spoiled jerk IMO only now he decides that he has some kind of right to behave as he did.

Big timeline jump does not help at all.

I get that this story is short, but to me the characters needed a novel, because they had a HUGE road to go in front of them and short story did not do them justice at all.

It left me frustrated and unhappy.