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Now this was unusual reading experience in some ways, but mostly in a good way. I bought this book after I read Furio's review and I could just point you to it and say "What he said" mostly. But I guess I will ramble some more.

The writing was very enjoyable even if in many ways this book was a collection of cliches that usually bug the crap out of me. Yes, I know romance a lot of those, but I have also read a lot of romances that play with cliches very nicely and make them fresh and fun.
So here we have Insta!love? Oh yes, one of the characters fell in love with another two minutes after he saw the guy (his words, not mine). It took other guy few hours to do that I believe.

What else? Oh yes, here we also have - if I did not have anal sex, I am a virgin thing. No, really, not. Thank goodness he finally says that he was only a technical virgin. Yes, dear and even that would be stretching. Do not worry this is revealed in the first few pages and this is about one of the characters' relationship with his ex, not with his on page present love interest.

Oh and let's not forget one of my very favorites (NOT!) - Character of Russian ethnicity may usually have only one occupation and that would be a member of Mafia. Of course, because that's what all Russian Immigrants do.

Granted, if we look at this cliche, I can already start describing how the author makes it her own. Dimitri is probably the nicest gangster I have ever met. Shy, too. Well, Furio already warned you about how plausible this romance is, right? But this was just so very funny that I was indeed very entertained - and yes, I liked Dimitri, plausibility or not, I did not care.

Another funny thing is that while the author takes us on a wild unbelievable but entertaining ride, she made me believe in some things in this story and rather unexpectedly so.

For example, I was all ready to roll my eyes at Jamie's assignment ending up in him falling in love with the gangster and how amongst other things we should abandon any hope that police procedure is believable in any way. On one hand it is true, on another well Jamie is turning out to be pretty ethical and honest person and this was a very welcome diversion from so many similar set ups in mm romances. The fact that he is a cop is in the open pretty open and in fact he takes the honesty thing to well, I should say a very high level and very fast. I was expecting this to be a source of conflict between the guys because it will pop up unexpectedly, but no it was not.

In fact I can also agree with other reviewers how very consistenly Jamie's attitudes and thoughts are portrayed throughout the book and this grounds it in emotional believability for me even if the factual one is mostly out of the window.

There is also a marriage on the horizon, so I was expecting evil fiancee, thank goodness that did not happen either.

Read this book, I think you will be entertained.