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Until Thanksgiving - Michael Rupured While I agree that this story has several fleshed out memorable characters, I was beyond confused when in the first segment from the murderer' POV, we learn who the murderer is?! What in the name?

But hey, I thought while I am not a fan of detailed exploration of the psyche of the murderer, I figured maybe despite the highly misleading blurb (I expected you know, a mystery) the purpose of this one is indeed do a psychological study of the murderer, in depth exploration and all that. Eh wrong, while the murderer has his motives I would say that he is very far from being the well fleshed out character. He is not written as a charicature at all, but neither would I say that he is written with a lot of depth.

So, I kept wondering what was the purpose of taking away my fun as a reader to figure out who the murderer is and frankly I have no clue. Was it done just to create a problem for Josh? But I did not even find him being a target scenes to be particularly suspenseful. And the ending was so very anticlimatic if you ask me. If I were to grade this story based on its mystery component alone, I would have given it a zero, so annoyed I was.

But it is a mm genre and I have read and loved stories which had strong romantic but very weak mystery component. Sadly I would not call this story very romantic either. The eventual romantic couple falls in love with each other from the moment they see each other, but based on the silly misconceptions they make (one of them is one of the biggest pet peeves of mine, I usually just want to shake the character and scream at him something along the lines - just ask him you dolt!) they stay friends for the huge part of the story.

Josh's exploration of DC scene and making friends and learning from his previous mistakes and growing up seemed the most realistic and most pleasingly written part of the story, but for me it is just was not enough.

2.75 stars