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Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford I really enjoyed connection between Kane and Miki, I thought it was beautifully done and they were both interesting well developed characters. However, while I appreciated that their romance did not start with sex and the emotional connection developed first, I thought that this book would have sounded much stronger without sex or sex in the epilogue. If Kane was determined to wait because of what Miki had gone through, he could have waited even longer IMO. I also did not like that their story appears to be of "magical healing love" variety. No mention of therapy for Miki besides half a sentence suggestion from one of the characters? No, years of abuse do not magically dissappear because you found a person who loves you.

I was also dissappointed by the ending, but not because I consider it "at the edge of my seat" cliffhanger. I just dislike the obvious plot turn this ending points to.

I still cannot wait for the next book though, I loved the guys that much.

3.5 stars