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Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe

Sorry - my first DNF which I felt a need to leave a review on. So far I DNFed at 40% on my Kindle. I do appreciate that this is a free story, but Jamie's assault felt too real, therefore his and Evan's interactions while hot disgusted me. Evan's lack of ethics made me want to throttle him.

I may come back to it later, we shall see, after all maybe Evan will grew a conscience, but so far it looks like it is a playful fantasy, I just cannot forget how it started and therefore as fantasy it is not working for me.

EDIT. 1/7/13.

Well, recent discussions and me feeling bad about leaving DNF review (nothing bad with them, I just usually do not do them) prompted me to finish. If I was furious at Evan before, I am now more furious at him.

Couple of times he pays a lip service to the fact that Jamie did not deal properly with assault (actually I think it was exactly twice) and then it just swept under the rug again. And before they separate - oh dear, not that I expected anything better from him, but such insensitivity felt over the top even for what I have read about dear doctor before.

His "crisis of conscience" at the end is hilarious to me (in a bad way). He lists all things he did wrong, then he tells Jamie that he would have done it all over again (right, because that's a remorse) and then lets himself be persuaded right away that he does not need to quit from medical profession because he may be of use (paraphrase). God forbid he would have to see to another rape victim in the future.