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Show and Tell - Kate McMurray Do not get me wrong, it was a good book and if it is your first book by this writer, it can make you very happy. If however you are like me and have read almost everything she published, you may feel like me and wonder why did I already meet Dan and Malcolm in her other books? I am not saying that she wrote carboon copies of the characters she wrote before, of course not, at the same time they feel too similar to some of her other characters, more than I would have liked and more than I could have shrugged off to the fact that every writer is bound to have some similarities in her writing style from book to book.

There is also a matter of plot, which on one hand was amusing and fun (some of the reincarnations our heroes went through were absolutely awesome), on the other hand, while again it was not a carboon copy of any of her other books, I could not help but wonder why the main hook of the plot resembles the main hook of her "Across the East River bridge" that much. Again, not the same, of course not the same, but way too similar for me to think of this book as something fresh. Sorry.