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Feral Machines - Ginn Hale I have read this story in the Tangle anthology and this was definitely one of my favorites, if not the favorite. Surprisingly though, character wise this story affected me in the negative way. I always thought that if the reader is affected by the characterization - be it positively, or negatively, that means that the writer did his or her job well. It is just amusing to me that this is one and the only work by Ginn Hale (and I am a huge fan of her work) where I hated the main character a lot. I also think that another testimony to the quality of this novella is that I have read it more than a year ago (or was it even longer? Whenever Tangle first appeared in paperback) and I still remember today how much I ended up hating Andrew. I cannot tell you why I hated him though without spoilers, you have to read to find out (and likely you are not going to have the same reaction as I did :)).