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Almost Like Being in Love - Steve Kluger As you can see I have read this book several years ago. Usually I do not review the books I have read more than several days ago, if I did not review them right away - with the amount of books (especially gay romances) that I read every week, the details even of the best books fade from your memory and fast. Not so with this book, granted I have reread it couple of times, but it had been more than a year since my last reread and I still remember it so clearly.

This book is a book I want to point to every time after I have read the story where the writer attempted a light touch and instead produced the bland plot and the characters with no substance. I smiled and laughed so many times throughout Almost Like Being in Love and this made the few times when I choked up all the more poignant because it was so unexpected. Craig and Travis and sweetheart Clayton are the characters I will probably never forget. Yes, they are romantic heroes, but to me they were believable romantic heroes and they make me sigh happily every time I reread this book and think that something is still right in this world, if somebody could think up those "people" in his imagination and shared them with the readers.

By the way - I *hate* romantic triangles in romances, where a decent guy (I primarily read gay romances) is bound to have his heart broken or just be conveniently killed by lazy writing in order for two others to get together in a convenient way.

I thought that Steve Kluger resolved it in such a kind way and I would have hated any other resolution.

Ten stars? Twenty?