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Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna Overall I really enjoyed this book. I liked the original twist the author gave to werewolves' involvement in this society. It is really really hard to find original twist of any kind on werewolves these days. I can understand that, but I keep looking :).

I enjoyed the werewolves' matter of fact involvement in US military and how while everybody knows and accepts them, military still struggled sometimes with accomodating those Marines who need to go furry on the full moon. I really liked how believable every day marines life felt and how action sequences seemed relevant and needed to the story.

Now, about the love story - I really liked Noah and Lucas, I liked them as US marines and I liked them as two people figuring out how their relationship fits all sorts of boundaries. I even did not mind their mating bond, I just felt that Lucas lost some gray matter of his brain closer somewhere in the second part of the book. There was only for as long somebody who lives and works so close with werewolves could remain clueless IMO. It did not annoy me lots, but was kind of irritating. I also felt that the ending was a bit abrupt.