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Butterfly Hunter - Julie Bozza This book is a romance in its best and truest sense as I understand the meaning of the word - two people meet and find their way towards each other, towards their happy ending. As blurb tells you Nicholas' quest to find his butterflies turns into something more, turns into him and David finding each other. Settings in this book felt like a living, breathing character, so beatifully and delicately described that I wanted to stop when I was reading and taste some sentences on my tongue.

Metaphorical connection between Nicholas and butterflies is simple of course when the reader learns it, but it does not become any less poignant or beatiful to me.

"Now that Nicholas was moving about, the butterflies has mostly lifted away to hover around him, but a few had come to Dave instead. They seemed to be - He carefully lifted an arm to look closer at one. It seemed to be smelling him, or something with a long probing thing unwinding from just below its head to poke and dab at him. "What's he doing?"
"Drinking your sweat," Nicholas said, in tones that were amused and - it was true - slightly envious.
"Huh. Old pervs, the lot of you, " Dave retorted, though more fondly that he'd intended"

When Nicholas and David were finally together, I had a lump in my throat when reading the sex scenes - I do not often feel a need to reread sex scenes in the story, but here I did, because they were just as beatiful as every other part of the plot and characterization.

I really hoped that both of them will have many happy years together after the ending of the story, but I was also glad that regardless of how long they have Nicholas managed to "seize the day" just like his blue butterflies.