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Stealing Ganymede - J. Warren A friend at Goodreads recommended this book to me. Wow, what can I say? Oh, first of all a warning to the romance readers - this is not a romance, like not at all, although there is a possibility that the love story may develop in the future between the main character and another character, if they stay alive that it is. It is not really a spoiler, because the blurb spells out for you who the main character is. And I have to tell you, even in fiction I usually deeply detest the characters who do what main character does. I mean, there were few exceptions here and there, but usually I will not touch a book with the contract killer (and he does other "fun" stuff too) as the main character. I am usually not interested in how the mind of the monster works and while in fiction I may enjoy somebody developing remorse because they killed once, if somebody killed more than once and enjoys what he does, I just do not care to read about it.

Apparently this book is one of the few exceptions. No, I did not care for the main character right away, in fact I did not really care for him almost during the first half of the book. See, he does not develop deep remorse about his job and love for all humanity, but someone touches something in him and that someone reminds him of himself too much. And when I keep thinking about it, isn't it the more believable way to develop somebody's persona change in some ways (but not in other ways) if one grews to care for one person and need to do things for that one person? I do not even mean in the romantic way here.

Combine it with the sometimes cynical, sometimes philosophical and spot on observations, which main character makes throughout the book and you will have a very very enjoyable read.

Please note however that it is not an easy read, because besides the fact of what main character is, subject of sexual slavery is also in this book and it is painful to read at times.

There is another way this book worked for me, when usually it would not have worked - it does not necessarily have flashbacks, but timeline jumps for the most part of the storyline. Usually it would have annoyed me, but I thought it could not have done any other way here and in the last I would say third of the story, it stops jumping and suspense slowly builds up.

Wonderful book, if you are up for not escapist read I cannot recommend it highly enough.