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Tell Me It's Real - T.J. Klune Okay, first and foremost this book was a kindle loan from a friend hence no verified purchase stamp, just to prevent possible questions :). On to a review now. No, I did not think the book was the funniest book that I have ever read - I chuckled and smiled few times, I never laughed out loud, not once.

Did I find the narrator annoying? Well, lets just say I did, not every single sentence that he said, but a lot of it. Most of his humor did not work for me, some I found offensive even. However, having said that, I liked him when he actually *was not* joking. I did like him with Vince, in fact I thought he was at his funniest with Vince and the love story was surprisingly touching and tender.

While this narrator talks in the similar style to Bear, I did not think this narration was nearly as bad, because Bear was also doing crazy timeline jumps in his story telling, but they are definitely close to each other in style.

Editing was atrocious IMO, if half of Paul's bubbling was cut off, the book would have been so much better IMO.

But I did love secondary characters, I adored Vince, loved Helena Handbasket (and Sandy lol), so I guess I liked it enough to warrant 2.75 stars, but certainly no more than that.