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Coming Home - M J O'Shea This one did not really work for me - although writing was fine hence three stars.

So I got this book as a loan knowing that it will have "forgive the guy who bullied you in high school" plot development. I actually liked the writing, but the characterization and actual plot development was not something I enjoy.

Let me explain - while I can see a believable development of this theme, I need to see *a lot* of begging and grovelling from the guy who was the bully and a lot more soul searching from the guy who suffered. The author made it way too easy for Lex to forgive IMO and therefore implausible and she chose to beat me over the head with the bat as to how bad Tally's life turned out to be, so I guess to make it easier for reader to forgive him. Um, it was not, not for this reader. I still needed to see him taking a responsibility for what he did in the past, preferably for longer than two sentences, despite how miserable his life turned out to be.