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Locke and Blade - Lynn Lorenz I do enjoy this writer's style more often than not and when I have read the review which mentioned that this story contains "from enemies to lovers" trope, of course I bought it right away.

There was a lot to like in this book - hints of very interesting alternate fantasy world, where the rules are different and at the same time the same in so many ways, but all the interesting hints the writer dropped only left me frustrated - I wanted to know more about splitting from the old world, about station, about One God, about how exactly magic works. I had more questions than answers and that meant that I was not really satisfied with such potentially interesting setting as mere window dressing for romance. The writer showed me that it could be more.

Romance was fun, I thought that actually in not that long of the page count she managed the transformation from the friends to lovers pretty decently, but at the same time the characters were just as frustrating. They were interesting, but the writer hinted at more depth and IMO did not go there.