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An Immovable Solitude - S.A. McAuley NOTE SPOILERS SPOILERS GALLORE.

So this book came highly recommended from several friends of mine and let me just be upfront, I get why they loved the book, I really do. The writing is beautiful, in places breathtaking - the setting truly comes alive. I loved the *words* in this book, just not the plot and especially not the characters. Let me also be upfront and say that I hated one of the characters with the passion, but this is not the only reason why this book gets two stars (but for beautiful writing it would have been one star).

Kerry's actions made absolutely no sense to me. I mean, it made sense to me how he screwed Eric over and hurt him to the point the man was devastated and authorial heavy handed manipulation tried to make Kerry a sympathetic man, but why he did it in the beginning, I am still not sure. I mean, I hear what he was saying, but it is like the author needed him to leave and he chose the action that to me made the least sense possible, or none at all.

But OMG their so called confrontation after Kerry was back killed me, just killed me. Here poor devastated Erik who loved this asshole for three years finally lets him have it and shows how much pain he delivered.

Here I am thinking, oh maybe now some groveling be involved. Alas, no, instead we are now being manipulated, because oh noes, now Kerry gets to be in pain and Erik to calm him down, because hey he has this nightmare upon him now.

That did not work for me, at all. I was hugely dissatisfied that Kerry's actions and lack of responsibility were not dealt with.

And just do not get me started on the ending.

Despite beautiful writing I doubt I will ever pick up anything by this writer ever again. Nothing against the writer, I just have no desire to read something as emotionally dissatisfying ever again, but nothing against her right to treat her characters as she sees fit.