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Twin Effect - Ann Somerville Wow ok, overall I really enjoyed this story - I usually really enjoy this author's writing , so few times when I was not enamored of her stories it was because I was not happy with a plot turn or characterization. Her writing always works for me. I loved the characters here - Dylan and Max and Toby, so I was bound to like the story a lot. The theme of loosing a part of oneself, grieving , adjusting to change is one of the main themes in this story, or at least I thought so. I also thought that it was an interesting parallel with how Dylan and Max and Toby deal with such adjustments. I am hiding this review because even though I do not think that I am putting any specific spoilers in it, I want to say that there is a strong paranormal element in this story - it is not just a contemporary novella. For me it worked very well but if you do not like paranormal beware.

I also thought that the ending was while a little wierd at the same time was deeply satisfying and something which I wished would happen in some stories with a similar trope ( very broad statement that is- the story does not copy anything , but of course there are some broad familiar tropes) .

However ending is one area where I feel I can say that I was not completely happy - in a sense that I wanted it to be longer. I mean as I said it was satisfying but during the whole story there was no romance - only a beginning of one. I mean sure the guys are attracted to each other, but most of the book space is spent on them trying to deal with a serious issue . It was integral and necessary to the story, but I wanted to spend more time with them being happy . And besides short ending the story did not exactly offer me that I felt.