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Love, Like Water - Rowan Speedwell BOOK WAS A KINDLE LOAN FROM A FRIEND

I really enjoy Rowan Speedwell's writing and I definitely agree that despite including some tropes that long term readers of romance know so well, her interpretation feels fresh and interesting. I mean, how many new things one can say about cowboys? Her settings are vivid. I liked that Tucker's ranch dealt with abused horses and gentleness was one of the qualities the workers there needed. Her guys are really great characters. I liked Eli, who seemed to feel that he just knew his limitations, but who was so smart and patient and sometimes not so much. I thought he was an awesome characters.

I liked Josh too, a lot but his portrayal hit on a pet peeve of mine and I do not think it was a 100% hit for me. I feel very strongly that the more broken romance lead is, the more care should be taken with the reasons for his brokenness, because so very often I can see how "love heals everything" and while obviously it is a nice trope for romance, no I tend to groan when the guy is too broken and he needs lots and lots of therapy before he is ready for the relationship.

I cannot say that I hated how Josh's issues were portrayed, and there is absolutely a therapy there, which looks like he would continue with after we say good bye to the characters at the last page, but I do feel that considered the extent of his issues and horrific PTSD is only one of them, he jumped into relationship way before he was ready. On the other hand, if we could only measure when we are ready for the relationship and start there :).

3.5 stars