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Into the Divide (The Divide Universe #1) - Sandra Bard

This book sounded as the story I was predisposed to like – SFF adventure with the secondary romance storyline, which also promised initial animosity between the characters and this is the trope which if done well I always enjoy. (Or run away from very fast if it is not done well). Blurb gives you a decent set up – Tarn’s work is usually guard science teams/ or rescue them with the constant risk of his own life. Apparently he was a criminal back on Earth who could have been executed otherwise if his now commander would have not offered him this job. I found Tam’s offense to be surprising – not offence itself, but why he did, let’s put it this way and to say more would be a spoiler. I still liked him though. Now Tarn is risking his life in the dangerous world of Divide where high technology does not work and his skill with sword and his intelligence is what he is relying upon to survive.
At the start of the story Isaak, commander whom Tarn owes his life and who became a dear friend tells him about a mission which is described in the blurb. Isaak is reluctant to ask Tarn to do it, but Tarn insists and off he goes.

Calvin is a nice guy who really is not suited very well for dangerous missions (simply because he does not have a training and experience), but his awful boss decided that Calvin will go. Initially Tarn indeed does not care much for Calvin, but I thought it was mostly because Calvin was so inept in the beginning (he did not become an awesome fighter at the end, thank goodness but he certainly showed some skills in unexpected areas). I did not think that them going from mild animosity to lovers was unbelievable, quite the contrary.

The book is also delivered an adventure – with fighting, real danger and all that follows. I have to admit that ending of the adventure was unexpected – good unexpected, but I am just not sure if it was foreshadowed or came out of nowhere. Maybe the writer was just shooting for a surprise, nothing more than that and I am overanalyzing. The book does not end on a cliffhanger, but there are two more available in this world and I believe the second one has commander Isaak playing the main role.

Grade: B