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The Stolen Suitor - Eli Easton

When I saw that Dreamspinner started a line of books which eh, closely resembles Harlequin line, I just was not planning on reading them. However I enjoyed most books that Eli Easton wrote and I figured why not try this one. What can I say? I liked it better than I expected considering ridiculousness of the set - up (which to be fair the writer tried to mitigate as much as she could), but for me believable set up is very important and I did not think that she completely pulled it off. While I was reading I always felt that she was struggling to stay within constraint of Harlequin like story and trying to do something more believable with it. You would go and try to seduce a woman because *your mother told you so*?! Even better question - would you go and try to seduce that woman's fiancé because your mother promised you could go to college then? Very impressive - NOT.
Of course not everything is as simple as it seems from the blurb and even scheming mother had her reasons which are better than one expects but still belong in the Telemundo telenovellas. And I appreciated that there was no transformation from the straight man to a gay man anywhere in this story - Jeremy really is a gay man who is deeply in the closet, but he never doubts that he prefers men. Chris is a bisexual man who thinks of himself somewhere at 80/20 where his preferences lie. I really appreciated that and I liked that Chris for once kept no secrets from Trix where his sexual orientation was concerned.

Basically I think that if you like Harlequin , you will enjoy this book more than I did and I enjoyed it more than I expected to.

3.5 stars