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A Solitary Man - Aisling Mancy, Shira Anthony

I really liked this book. Yes, romance is definitely a secondary storyline, but often enough (not always) I am bored by the pure romance storyline where the guys have nothing else to do in their lives except thinking about each other :-). This is a police procedural story that deals with heart breaking subject of children sex trafficking and brave people who try to fight the monsters engaged in this (yeah, I know we all have capacity to do evil in us, but there are certain very small number of crimes which for me puts you in the monster category if you decide to commit those crimes and children sex trafficking for me is one of those crimes). The subject was heartbreaking yes, but there was also kindness and touches of humors and people trying to do police work as best as they could.

And there is some romance in there. Xav and Ethan's meeting actually did remind me of how romance characters meet sometimes, but that's really the only part that reminded me of that. For the most part we see them communicating with each other while they are doing their work. I liked how much Xav wanted to help those kids and how he learned to be grateful if he could save even one child. Sheriff and his people in the small town were very impressive - loved that for once our hero did not have to face homophobic welcome in the small town as it often happens in mm romances. I loved that he was so eager to teach his fellow law enforcement officers how to do their jobs even better and they were eager to learn.
Besides external circumstances there are really not much obstacle that Xav and Ethan face - they really understand fast that they do want each other but as I said, romance is a secondary storyline here. It does have a happy ending though, do not worry.

I would have given this book five stars easily, if that bizarre *one page* of insulting the villain who is transgender did not exist. I mean why? I doubt that authors wanted to be so insulting on purpose. Ignorance? In any event, I was not triggered, but I am not trans and I still loved this book minus that page which had no purpose in the story whatsoever as I could see. Beware if you are.