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Rock N Soul - Lauren Sattersby

I’m Tyler Lindsey, and until recently, I had an okay apartment, an okay girlfriend, and an okay job as a bellboy at a respectable Boston hotel. Then rock star Chris Raiden died right before I brought his room service—stiffing me on the tip, by the way—and my life went to hell. My fifteen minutes of fame was more like five seconds, and my girlfriend left me in disgust.

But even worse—Chris is haunting me. Not the room where he died, like a normal ghost. No, somehow he’s stuck to me and is insisting on taking care of a bunch of unfinished business in California. So now I have to traipse across the country with the world’s most narcissistic ghost.

But . . . I keep having these weird thoughts. Thoughts about how much I like the way he makes me laugh. Thoughts where I kind of want to kiss the emo-narcissist, even though he’s a ghost and an asshole and I can’t touch him anyway. And even if I could, what will happen when he finishes his business and nothing’s keeping him here anymore?

Word count: 113,700; page count: 418



Dear Ms. Sattersby,


I am usually not too keen on the romances where one guy is a ghost simply because I do not particularly care for how the authors give their characters happy ending in such romances – other guy is usually dead at the end of the story to be with the ghost. And yes, their souls are alive to be together; still such ending often feels at most bittersweet to me. Anyway, I definitely looked at the reviews and they promised a different happy ending and people liked your voice and the storyline promised a little bit of enemies to lovers (or from people annoying each other to lovers to be more precise). I figured I should give the book a chance.


Overall I definitely liked it a lot. Blurb gives you a set-up, the only thing I want to add because I want to warn you about is that Chris dies from heroin use. If you cannot read about drugs use, skip this book – the drug use itself is mostly off page, but it is mentioned and talked about plenty of times and once again, one of the main characters *dies* because of it, so if it is triggering for you stay away.


I enjoyed Tyler’s voice.  The story was compulsively readable to me because I liked his voice so much. Tyler is somebody who works low paying job, who counts every penny and of course this influenced his point of view on so many things, same as Chris being in many ways a privileged jerk influenced his view on things. I liked that Tyler was not only so shocked when he saw Chris appearing to him for the first time, but that he also kept talking about it for quite a while – I feel like in many stories the characters get over the appearance of the supernatural way too fast.


“So not only I am the only one who can see you, and not only do you not disappear when I take off your ring… but I’m stuck with, like, a restraining order. Except instead of you needing to be more than twenty feet from me at all times, you have to follow me everywhere.” – loc. 621


Note that neither of them are portrayed as superior to each other – Chris may be a selfish jerk who used drugs despite people in his life begging him not to till he died, he may have no clue about how people like Tyler live and how tips really can make or break him having money for rent/bills, but Tyler eventually learns that Chris is more than that and he does have a heart.


I want to stress that the narrative takes Chris to task quite a few times because of him being so self-centered and because of him having no clue how people who have less money than him live and Chris really grows and learns things even if he had to become a ghost (better later than never after all ). However Tyler is taken to task too for being too hard on people around him and for letting himself stagnate a bit in his circumstances – in no way that means that he is blamed for being poor or suggested that he should have worked harder and he would not have been poor. No, all I mean is that Tyler at some point abandoned the attempts to get back to college where he finished few semesters and at the end of the story he is going to try to go back - again, it is not suggested that this would magically save him, it is just that he had to learn that he should not have stopped fighting against his circumstances.

I really liked those guys together and separately.


As a side note, both of them are bisexual – with using of the actual word and all, and I really appreciated that.


But you would ask me; this is a ghost romance, right? Yes, yes it is and it has all you can expect from this subgenre – ghost having unfinished business, trying to figure out what that unfinished business was and actually trying to finish it with Tyler’s help. It also has a psychic or two (well, mostly brief appearance as a comic relief), the one who actually helps them in this novel is a Tyro card reader and she was a lovely secondary character I thought.


I won’t reveal any secrets when I say that for a while the narrative tells us that Chris is going to have to go on to the better place and the story won’t end up well – the poignant tone worked for me since I knew that it was a romance (and I did look at the last page), but I also appreciated some humor in between.


“Jesus, I was going to need therapy after this. And to make the whole shitty situation worse, I wasn’t going to be able to talk to anyone about it. Yeah, Richard, I’m upset because my dead boyfriend got a lot deader over the weekend.” – loc.4525


I will leave it up to you readers to decide whether the ending worked or not. For me it worked as long as I do not think about the logistics, but I will take what I could get – I certainly liked it better than – I will go on to be with you forever.


Grade B/B+