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A Fashionable Indulgence - K.J. Charles

As much as I enjoy KJ Charles' writing, my first reaction which lasted for a while was *huh* or as I said in the brief comment I left after chapter six was, where is the chemistry? As well written as it was, the interactions between protagonists left me cool as cucumber, which is not fun if I am reading romance and want to feel something - I am not talking about wanting more sex here by the way! I was still feeling like this after first sex scene took place around twenty two percent of the story. But Ami told me it got better for her after first third or so and indeed that's where it happen.


The best rational explanation is that I stopped feeling like I am in a standard m/f Regency (no, none of the characters reminded me of the Barbara Cartland's ingénues but the plot did!) where Rake is asked, directed, threatened, whatever, to introduce young debutante in to the world. OMG I could care less about improving Harry's manners and conversations that went along with it.


But then we went into who Harry was versus who he wanted to be and the tensions between getting so tired of  his parents abandoning him in favor of radical activities and him being a decent person and wanted to help people and then we got Vinona and Julius apparently was/could be interested in anything else *besides* clothing and manners and I really enjoyed it much more.


3.75 stars