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Ace by Jack Byrns - 44%



I do not effing know what to say about this book. Nothing good right now. I should have stayed away and trust my instincts. But hey, not nearly enough asexual characters, so I keep thinking about it, come back to read reviews, read review that assure me that asexual character remains asexual (not that I care one way or another - good romance is good romance is good romance) and click. Oh crap crapola.


Jack is having sex to keep his partner happy at the end. I just. I get that asexual people can be on different ends of the spectrum too, but sorry, his partner reads as quiet gentle rapist.  I just can't right now - how many times he can't say he does not want to, he is not comfortable - he had sex to please his other partners, but while he may get aroused, afterwards it makes no difference to him. How many times does he have to say that? Oh he stops even suggests that Jake should have a safe word. For what? So in his attempts to "seduce" Jake he dos not go "too far"?