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Great book - read as freebie from Vine program and available in September

Idyll Threats: A Thomas Lynch Novel - Stephanie Gayle

This was one of the best gay mysteries (and when I say gay mystery I mean mystery with the investigator who happens to be gay) I have read in the last couple of years. Thomas applied for a job of a police chef in a small town of Idyll after working homicide for twenty two years in New York. He is an experienced, talented detective. The death of his partner (and all kinds of issues which followed) was a major reason why he did it. Idyll is a town where they did not have a murder for the last five years, so you can imagine that this is not an everyday occurrence for his men. I just thought it was extremely well done, as a gay romance reader I am used to reading about all kinds of gay men who are in the closet as the story begins and eventually get out of it, because they acquire love interest or something like that. But I really do miss reading about how much it can cause one in other areas of his life. I really felt for Chief Lynch - he did make some dumb decisions because he did not want anybody to know he was gay and narrative calls him on it without really judging him (because till society will be more tolerant I do not think anybody can do so). And his grief for his partner was so real that couple of times I choked up. For romance readers - this is not a romance, however there are couple of hints that if these books become series he may acquire love interest. I thought the book ended with hope. I thought mystery was good. I highly recommend this book.