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Surprisingly not horrible

Blue Mountain - Cardeno C.

So I have read one book by Cardeno C - first book in whatever they were called not shifter series (was it her debut work? Maybe.) It was so saccharine sweet that I run away like crazy and never came back and I often enjoy sweet.


I figured on Scribd I could try first story of hers that came my way in their weird recommendations.


It was okay enough so I did not want to slam my kindle against the wall . I mean nothing special do not get me wrong - abused Omega lone wolf comes in the view of one of the alpha twin brothers, BOOOM we are mates, you "must not leave", you are "mine". Yes, those are quotes and no, thank goodness Mitch does not always talk that way.


But the story felt genuinely sweet and most importantly Mitch did not feel like abusive asshole. 45 minutes of pleasant time waste.