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Garden of Lies - Amanda Quick

So over the years Amanda Quick had been my m/f Mary Calmes. I am not saying that her writing skills are on that level, I know she is much better writer, but she also is writing same book over the years and same characters with minor changes IMO. It is however been working for me very well because I was reading her during the years when I completely abandoned m/f romance. She was literary the single exception.


I am not sure what I like the most - the fact that her guys always respect the women in her books? The humor? Intelligent, strong heroines, even when they were also mandatory virgins? Whatever it is I definitely continue with her books - I skipped couple of paranormal ones, but everything else I enjoyed.


This is one of the mysteries (not complex ones, but interesting nevertheless). The owner of secretarial agency Ursula Kern is bent on investigating the death of her colleague and dear friend and one of her private clients who is obviously interested in her decides to help her investigate.


Observe some minor changes here - the spunky aristocratic heroine is now if not exactly working class, but certainly the woman who is working. Most importantly the heroine is no virgin - she is a widow, moreover (I think in one book the heroine was supposedly married but the marriage was not consummated, but not sure) she had sex with her husband, although she did not have orgasms before she has passionate affair with the romantic lead here (can't have that, hero is the only one who is allowed to cause orgasms).


Anyway, it was fun.