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Sirius reads Hugo nominees part one

Today I present to you "One bright star to guide them" by John C. Wright. To state my biases upfront - I had been reading up last year on Hugo's "movers and shakers" AKA Puppies and I have read even more this year, in fact I have read so much discussion that my eyes are starting to glaze over, but this is also the "can't turn away from the train wreck" kind of the situation.


Scifi/fantasy always had been one of my most beloved genres way before I started reading m/m and the shenanigans finally inspired me to get supporting membership and vote.


I am one of those who plans to give the works in the categories I am planning to vote in very fair shot and do my best to read all of them, and I often can separate the writer and the book, I thought it would be hard in this case, but in a sense the story was so ridiculous that I really did not had a chance to think much about anything but the story. In a sense it was a relief.


So, what is this about? Hey do you remember Narnia? GOOD if you do, then imagine Pemberley kids all growing up and caught up in the every day earthly routines and then Aslan oh wait, sorry TUBALD comes to Tommy (take your pick which name from Narnia) you want to put here and calls upon him to fight darkness.


Yep, we have here Narnia fanfiction . Are you effing kidding me? This is a work nominated for HUGO? I mean, I love fanfiction,  but I kind of expected more originality from Hugo nominated work. Hey, I am one of those who did *not* think 'Ancillary justice" was a Hugo worthy work - not because it was badly written, but because it was not that special and unusual and characters left me meh, but this?!


Oh yeah, back to Tommy. So we are not putting any messages in our stories that would make it look like preaching instead  of a good story, right? Only hey, tons of subtle metaphors about light and dark and corruption and true path and wait, WAIT for this.


"For days I fled and hid. Finally I was betrayed to the police. But I was not to have a trial. The enemy transported me to the east where their powers are stronger, and where they have countries whose evil rulers worship the Darkness almost openly".



Very subtle.



And hey, in order for the Sword to fight the Dark, Kitty needs to be sacrificed.


Point to you if you can guess whether the Kitty is resurrected...