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The Shameless Hour

The Shameless Hour (The Ivy Years Book 4) - Sarina Bowen

So, when my fellow reviewer Kaethrin reviewed the book at DA, I did a click the moment I saw it, because I loved Sarina Bowen's books that much. As much as I love well done UF with m/f romance on the backburner, there had been three or four writers last year whose m/f *Romance* I enjoyed and Sarina Bowen was one of them.


I loved Bella so very much - as one of the characters in this books stated - "you are fierce" and I wanted her to find love. And *as written* I really enjoyed this book. Bella and Rafe did feel as real college students, as real people, overall Bella seemed same person as from the previous books although of course she grew and changed because it is her story and she kind of has to.


I thought she and Rafe had tons of chemistry, I found a guy being a virgin to be adorable and in this book actually believable, I liked it.


So yeah, recommended however see caviat under spoiler cut.


I am SO SO SO SICK of ASSAULT OF ALL KINDS BEING USED AS A CATALYST TO BRING THE CHARACTERS TOGETHER. It is not fair, I know, because everything worked perfectly in this book, but I just had enough of this trope and in m/f romance it hits even harder because yeah, it is real it happens a lot. I know that.

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