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I will do a full review for DA

Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life - Julie Bozza

But I just need to do a brief rant here. Which is especially disappointing because I loved all her books that I have read and I have read all but one.


Self indulging, boring and silly. The end. And I do not need the romance in the book, truly, but seriously?

In between Mitch's writing life style pieces and investigating , he meets a guy who is a famous architect, one second the guy sleeps with Mitch's photographer and next second, they are in love? The hell? The hell? What was that I wonder. Photographer commits suicide by the way (lovely girl, who introduced them to each other). Oh and they do not stay together at the end.

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And I loved lots of Manifold books, but their editing starting to annoy me in a sense that they leave in a lot of details. A lot a lot, why do I need to read about him researching piece about coffee shop? why?