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Ilya and the wolf by Rory Ni Coileain

This is one of the few stories I bought this year from Dreamspinner advent calendar - I only bought three so far and really am not interested in others. It is short, beware if you do not like those.


Now this was a nice surprise. What it is basically is a modern twist on a classic Russian fairy tale about wolf saving the youngest brother whom two oldest brothers cannot stand - because he is supposedly slow on the uptake "durak", in the classic tales. Here oldest brothers cannot stand him because Illya is gay and boy for some reason their cruelty got to me much more than it ever does in the classic tales. What I appreciated is a very good research in the Russian folk tales, appropriate use of the language and just sweet tale overall. I am giving it a four stars even though characters could of course use more depth, but this is a fairy tale for you - characters are more often than not an archetypes, rather than in depth portrayals. Bottom line for a short it worked for me very well.


P.S. I did not say that on Amazon, but what's the deal with author's nickname? I had to look at it several times before typing and still am not sure  if I spelled it correctly.