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Bayou des Enfants (Rougaroux Social Club Book 4) - Lynn Lorenz

It’s been nearly a year since Scott and Ted set up house together in St. Jerome. Life is good. Ted is trying to get his PI business off the ground with the occasional job and still painting for the gallery. Scott is alpha of the pack and sheriff of St. Jerome.

But Scott’s mother, Darlene Dupree, is not content. She wants grandkids and she wants them now. Taking matters into her own hands, Maman, as Scott and Ted call her, works her magic in the middle of the night next to the bayou.

Before Scott and Ted know it, they’re saddled with two boys. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if someone in the pack would take them in. But no one steps forward to claim them and Scott and Ted are left with a terrible choice, take in the kids themselves or give them up to CPS, where the boys can’t hide what they are--werewolves.

It’s the wrong time and the wrong kids. But the first rule of the pack is to protect the pack and there is no other choice to make.




It was really nice to meet Scott and Ted again from the first book. Please note that the book is centered heavily around two kids who fall in their lap because of the sad occurrence and they are forced to deal with their issues. If you do not like kids featuring heavily in your romances, this book is not for you. I am not a huge fan of kids in romances, but in this book I really enjoyed how that was done. I thought kids helped to deepen the bond between the guys and forced them to look once again at how they want the relationship to develop.

Yes, Scott's mom IS a hoot indeed.

3.5 stars