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Oh Riptide :(

Lucky Strike (Share the Love Book 2) - Jane Davitt

Congrats Riptide very soon I will be wearing a badge which says "I cannot stand Riptide work products", more often than not anyway. Cornelia Grey that I read recently was the single exception. Why oh why so many good authors sign up with you (I can guess why and cannot really fault them for wanting what looks like better royalties than other houses are paying , but still), because their voices start to sound freaking SAME.


It was a fun story with a potential to be really good, likeable characters, yes, almost Insta attraction/love, but when it is action/adventure  I am more forgiving especially when they are in a life or death danger. But the voice sounded flat and this is NOT how Jane Davitt sounds usually in her other books. Granted, to be fair most of her books I have read was her partnership with Alexa Snow, but I have read at least a few of her solo works and eek, no, just no.