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Blue Days -  Mary Calmes

In case you wanted and needed to know :). Yes I bought and read. I am not going to post an amazon review since I long time ago decided that bringing up problems in her books would be hypocritical of me since I. Keep. Buying. Them. Every single one (or almost since somehow I avoided the call of Jory and Sam yay).


But I wanted to post something that I said at the discussion board - I picture her deciding to pretend that she listens to criticisms once in a while (I do not feel that the writers have any obligation to listen to criticisms in the reviews because reviews are not for writers by the way) and at times to make some superficial changes to her formula. Here I imagine she decided to do something about super Insta!love she usually shows in her books, only not really.


The boys did not go to bed till they had been known each other for three years, yeah? working together, becoming friends. Only it is all *tell*, not show, all of it we hear one of the characters briefly mentioning as some memories, a retelling. More importantly they still wanted each other from the time they saw each other.


Don't bother changing Ms.Calmes, I used to think that you are good enough to write not the same characters if you so choose, but now I think that every change to your formula makes your stories more hilarious, not less. More importantly I will still buy them.