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Excellent sequel

Assimilation, Love and Other Human Oddities -  Lyn Gala
This is what sequel should look like to me - the book which explores real, genuine issues which may have been not explored or not explored in as much depth as they could be in book one. I enjoyed the first book "Aliens, tails..." quite a lot, but this one was something else. I rarely see a m/m scifi romance which pays so much care and attention to the world building. Oh there are books which primarily belong to fantasi/scifi genre with barely visible romance which did a great world building, and I love those books too, but this book did the blending of romance and scifi so very well. Ondri and Liam continue to learn and grow in their relationship and while learning new things about each other, they learn more about each other's people too. It is really cool how the writer wrote about the alien species who *feel* alien and have enough distinct features and world views different from humans, but at the same time have enough in common with humans so not to make the reader feel completely *alienated* if that makes sense.

I smiled a lot when Ondry tried to figure out whether humans are rational beings through the linguistic concepts and it was very interesting to see how reader's focus as to what matter most to Rownts shifted with Liam's. Very fun book, highly recommended. 4.5 stars